This page is a collection of hints, tips, links and software related on installing and using GNU/Linux on IBM Thinkpads.

Questions :

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  • Downloads :

  • Thinkpad Config Tool for Linux(external Link)

  • Distributions :

    Redhat Linux

    One of my personal favourites, and also a good choice for notebook-installations. Note: you better upgrade the pcmica-package for better support of PC-Cards. And also the Thinkpad 600E is certified as redhat-compatibel.

    Halloween Linux

    Also a very good distribution, actually based on Redhat. Has some updates on the current Redhat and also includes the Powertools and a Contributed CD. There is also a pentium-optimized Distribution CD.

    DEBIAN Linux

    The Debian Distribution is a distribution under the GPL. Freely availble on the Internet. It takes some expierence to install this distribution, but then it is very good and stable.

    There are many other distributions....

    but the above are the distributions, I am expierenced with. So feel free to ask questions about my expierence.

    Laptop Links :

  • Kenneth Harker's Linux-Laptop Page
  • Linux PCMCIA Information
  • The Linux IRDA Project

  • Installation Instructions :

  • Thinkpad 600
  • Thinkpad 600

  • HOWTO's for Linux :

  • Infrared-HOWTO

  • IBM-Related Sites for IBM Thinkpads :

  • IBM Thinkpad 390E Support
  • IBM Thinkpad 600E Support
  • IBM Thinkpad FAQ : Modem,Serial and IR
  • IBM Infrared Hardware Specification

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